Seize the Day Chair Massage Dress Code

Job Opportunities

Dress professionally:

  • Wear the Seize the Day attire
    • Seize the Day polo shirt (Black)
      – Clean and ironed (ie. wrinkle-free)
    • Black or Kaki slacks or scrubs or Black (non-faded) jeans
    • Guys, your Polo shirt must be tucked in and you must wear a belt
    • Name Badge
    • Dark dress shoes or dark leather casual shoes,
    • Clean tennis shoes (Color doesn’t matter. But cleanliness does matter.)
    • Socks or stockings as appropriate


  • You may wear black or Kaki shorts if you are working outside.

Absolutely DO NOT wear:

  • Head Phones/Ear Buds
  • Cut-offs
  • Blue jeans
  • Capris or Sweat Pants
  • Opened-toed nor opened-heeled shoes/sandles, nor five-finger shoes (Footies)
  • Tie-dyed T-shirts
  • Shirts that reveal the lower half of your torso (i.e. anything resembling a halter top)
  • Clothing with any holes, rips or tears
  • Powerful colognes and perfumes
    – Someone may find these objectionable and may not want you to work on them. There is always the possibility of allergic reaction to these substances.
  • Jewelry on your wrists or hands
    – It may get caught or obstruct your work.
  • Face piercings (lips, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, etc…)
  • Tongue piercings
  • Inappropriate, offensive or erotiic tattoos, or any tattoos on the hand (beyond the wrist) or on the neck, head or face
  • “Gangsta” chains


  • Is to be neatly combed or styled
  • May be dyed in colors naturally occurring to humans only.
  • Will not be hair-wrapped.
  • If longer than shoulder length, it must be put up in a bun or a pony-tail.
    – You don’t want your hair to inadvertently touch the customer.